Non resident Landlords


Are you letting a UK property and are living abroad and as therefore defined as a “non resident landlord”? Please complete the contact form  to discuss your UK taxation affairs and to see how we can help you. We act for non UK resident landlords all over the world.  We believe that our experience in dealing with Non Resident Landlords is second to none. Our services are usually carried out via email and telephone and we respond to all enquiries as soon as possible.

We will deal with your UK Tax returns and we will liaise with you, your UK lettings agent and HMRC to ensure that your UK taxation affairs are dealt with promptly and efficiently.

You can contact us in hours that suit you either by email or telephone.  Our office hours are (UK time) 7 am to 8 pm Monday to Friday. Emails sent outside office hours will be responded to as soon as practical.

Our fees are very competitive and fully quoted in advance.

Please contact us to discuss your taxation affairs and to see how we can help you.

Who are non resident landlords?

Non-resident landlords are persons (individuals, companies and trustees) who have UK rental income, and a “usual place of abode” outside the UK.

Although the rents may be paid with no UK tax deducted, it remains liable to UK tax. So non-resident landlords must include it in any tax return HMRC sends them.

Applications to receive rent without the deduction of tax

Non-residents who are eligible can apply at any time for approval to receive their UK rental income with no tax deducted. This includes applying before they have left the UK or before the letting has started.

Refusal of approval

HM Revenue & Customs may refuse approval if they are not satisfied that

  • the information in the application is correct, or
  • the non-resident landlord will comply with their UK tax obligations.

Approval can be withdrawn if HMRC become concerned that the non resident landlord is not complying with UK tax law.

Record keeping and preparing your UK tax return

Record keeping and preparing your UK tax return

To calculate the profits of a rental business, examples of allowable expenses to set  against the rents received are as follows: –

·         accountancy expenses
·         advertising costs
·         cleaning and gardening costs
·         costs of rent collection 
·         Council Tax while the property is vacant  
·         ground rent
·         insurance on buildings and contents
·         interest paid on loans to buy the property 
·         legal and professional fees 

We can assist with registration with HMRC and the filing of your tax returns in the UK ensuring that you are compliant with your UK taxes. 

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